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Volume 3,  Issue 4 ,    June 2016
FDI and Retail Environment in India An Empirical Study
Rahul Ranjan Yadav
Bus. Dimn. Vol.3 (4), 49 - 59  (June)   
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The Role of Make in India Campaign in the Development of Textiles and Garments Industries in India: An Analysis
Mohd Kashif and Mohd Shoeb
Bus. Dimn. Vol.3 (5), 60 - 68  (June)   
Visitor# 787
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Total Quality Management in University Library Systems
Rakesh Kumar Mishra
Bus. Dimn. Vol.3 (6), 69 - 74  (June)   
Visitor# 695
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New Face of Bank’s Lending to the Priority Sector
Tahira Akhtar
Bus. Dimn. Vol.3 (7), 75 - 81  (June)   
Visitor# 744
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An Study on Indian Retail Sector: Retailing to Online Retailing
Pushpendra Kumar Yadav and Mohd Naseem Siddiqui
Bus. Dimn. Vol.3 (8), 87 - 92  (June)   
Visitor# 699
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Employer Branding: The role of Social Media in Attracting and Retaining Talent “A study of Indian IT companies”
Amrita Clair
Bus. Dimn. Vol.3 (8), 93 - 101  (June)   
Visitor# 639
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Portable Walnut Grading Machine Best Replacement for Perforated Cylindrical Grader
G. M. Mir, Uzma Iqbal and Owais Nisar
Bus. Dimn. Vol.3 (8), 82 - 86  (June)   
Visitor# 616
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A Comparative Study of Traditional and Digital Method of Teaching Social Studies the School of Bhopal
Arjumand Bano
Bus. Dimn. Vol.3 (9), 102 - 112  (June)   
Visitor# 595
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Serving the Disabled with SHGs and Assistive Technologies
Anuj Sheopuri1 and Anita Sheopuri2
Bus. Dimn. Vol.3 (10), 113 - 123  (June)   
Visitor# 530
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Brand Perception: A Review
Md Daoud Ciddikie
Bus. Dimn. Vol.3 (11), 124 - 129  (June)   
Visitor# 626
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The Role of Classical Theory of Conditioning in Advertising
Md Daoud Ciddikie
Bus. Dimn. Vol.3 (12), 130 - 131  (June)   
Visitor# 529
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Demonetization is a Boon or Curse to the Nation? An Independent Thinking.
Jayadas S.
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (1), 1 - 5  (June)   
Visitor# 569
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Behind the Reason and the Effect of Smoking of the University Student: A Case Study in Bangladesh
Sayed Mohibul Hossen1, Md. Mijanoor Rahman2 and Somaresh Kumar Mondal
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (2), 6 - 13  (June)   
Visitor# 541
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Education for the Prevention of Intergroup Conflicts
Md Intekhab Alam Khan
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (3), 14 - 18  (June)   
Visitor# 480
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Right to Education– Its Success and Failure
Surbhi Bansal
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (3), 19 - 23  (June)   
Visitor# 478
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Right to Information- Opened Up Pandora’s Box
Surbhi Bansal
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (4), 24 - 27  (June)   
Visitor# 503
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A Review of Literature on Mobile Commerce Research and Applications
Elangbam Binodini Devi
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (5), 28 - 31  (June)   
Visitor# 385
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A. K. Ramanujan’s Posthumous Third Volume- Second Sight
Simmi Agarwal
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (6), 32 - 34  (June)   
Visitor# 429
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Performance Management Practices in IT Industry in India– An Empirical Case Study
Rose V J1, R.Vasanthagopal2 and Suleena V. S3
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (7), 35 - 40  (June)   
Visitor# 305
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The People, Planet and the Profits: Successful Cases of Sustainability in Organizations of Learning
Mudasir Raja* and Shabir A. Bhat
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (8), 41 - 52  (June)   
Visitor# 270
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Training as an Effective Tool for Performance Improvement: A Theoritical Review
N. U. K. Sherwani and Shazia Nabi
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (9), 53 - 62  (June)   
Visitor# 254
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Study of Rural Health Infrastructure - Issues and Challenges
Veena M. G.1 and Chandrashekar2
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (10), 63 - 66  (June)   
Visitor# 227
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A Theoritical Review on Celebrity Endorsement: An Effective Apparatus for Marketing Communication
N.U.K. Sherwani1 and Shazia Nabi2
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (12), 69 - 75  (June)   
Visitor# 170
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Gandhi’s Notion of Economic and Political Decentralization
M. Shafi Bhat
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (11), 67 - 68  (June)   
Visitor# 25
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An Analysis of Kautilya’s Administrative Thought
M. Shafi Bhat
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (12), 76 - 79  (June)   
Visitor# 21
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Gandhi and his Concept of Democratic Decentralization
M. Shafi Bhat
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (12), 80 - 84  (June)   
Visitor# 22
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Fiscal Empowerment of Panchayats in India
M. Shafi Bhat
Bus. Dimn. Vol.4 (12), 85 - 902  (June)   
Visitor# 26
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Marketing Research Article on ‘Evolution of Facebook Advertisements’
Dhruv Shah, Prasann Khanna, Rakshit Lodha and Kavya Sharma
Bus. Dimn. Vol.6 (1), 1 - 6  (June)   
Visitor# 9
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