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Neuromarketing: Understanding Why We Buy What We Buy

Atif Ahmed, Yogesh Maniyar, Neerab Kumar Saha* and Yash Tyagi

Department: Business Studies University: Christ (deemed to be University) State and Country: Karnataka, INDIA. Postal code: 560076.


In recent times, there has been a emerging field of study called neuromarketing, it has taken the marketing world by makes use of neuroscience research in a marketing context. The purpose of this paper is to understand how neuromarketing is carried out and to evaluate the influence of neuromarketing tools on traditional marketing inputs in order to give a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour. The job of any marketer has less to do with designing attractive ads and more to do with understanding consumer behaviour. It is said that people buy with emotions and justify it with logic, but this has proven to be true by neuromarketing research. Neuromarketing seeks to replace the traditional type of market research. Every year, nearly 450 billion dollars is invested in various advertising campaigns. still, traditional ways for testing and predicting the success and efficiency of those advertising campaigns have usually failed because they depend on customers’ willingness and capacity to describe how they react or feel when they are exposed to an advertisement.

Keywords :neuromarketing, Why We Buy What We Buy.