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Employer Branding: The role of Social Media in Attracting and Retaining Talent “A study of Indian IT companies”

Amrita Clair

Research Scholar, School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad, INDIA.


Employer branding has risen in popularity due to the increased competition, globalization and lack of skilled talent. Employer branding is being used as a strategy for attracting, motivating and retaining staff. In order to propagate the Employer brand companies use multiple techniques to communicate its message to the target audience. These traditional methods like company brochure and website are not sufficient to meet the current talent demand. This has lead the firms to make use of social media as tool for propagating their Employer Brand. The increased popularity of using social networking websites can be attributed to the fact that firms are able to tap the passive candidates which is not possible in case of traditional recruitment practices and also communicating the employer brand to the existing employees. The paper aims at studying how social media is being used for enhancing the employer brand. This paper also focuses on the social media practices followed by Indian IT companies to attract and retain talent.

Keywords :Employer Brand, Recruitment, Retain, Social Media, Indian IT.