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Portable Walnut Grading Machine Best Replacement for Perforated Cylindrical Grader

G. M. Mir, Uzma Iqbal and Owais Nisar

Division of Agricultural Engineering, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir, INDIA.


Grading of agricultural produce by mechanical means is of utmost importance for reducing labor cost, processing time and fetching high market value. The perforated revolving cylinders commonly used in walnut processing industries are set useless because of their inefficient grading, high operational cost, tedious operation and occupying large space. The portable low cost high efficient expanding pitch type grader will probably be best replacement for long perforated cylindrical grader. In view of the importance of grading of fruits, a low cost expanding pitch type fruit grader based on the principle of changing the distance between belts along the length of movement of fruits was developed. The main components of the fruit grader are grading unit, elevator feeding unit, and power transmission system. The elevator feeding hopper is provided for constant and uniform feeding of fruits into the grading unit. Cushioning material has been glued to fruit collection trays and hopper to avoid impact damage and reduce noise at the time of grading. The grader has the provision to separate fruits into four grades by adjusting distance between belts. Testing of the fruit grader showed encouraging results for walnuts and saffron corms. The capacity of the grader was 1400-1600Kgs/hr for walnuts.

Keywords :Cracking, expanding pitch, grading, industries.