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Right to Information- Opened Up Pandora’s Box

Surbhi Bansal

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Patel Memorial National College, Rajpura, PB 140401, INDIA.


The main aim of the paper is to outline the significance of the right to information. Higher will be the accountability and lower will be the chance of corruption. This paper also include the problems been faced in fulfilling the right to the citizens and the loopholes in the framework. There are three wings of the Government. Judiciary, Executive and Legislature. The main objective of right to information is to have transparency and accountability in the system if this will focus only on two except judiciary then it will be contradictory to the right of information. The paper also includes how some people are using this for their personal goals and how the replies by the government officials leaves the person unsatisfied.

Keywords :Right to Information, transparency and accountability.