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A. K. Ramanujanís Posthumous Third Volume- Second Sight

Simmi Agarwal

Government Teacher, K.N.P.V. N.S. Dhampur, (Bijnor), INDIA.


The third and last volume of A.K. Ramanaujanís poetry published in his life-time is Second Sight (1986). The title apparently is a pun on the romantic idea of Indians being spiritually alive, gifted with a second sight which can transcend the illusions of first sight. The Central themes of his poetry-family, relations, mythology, rituals and vedantic philosophy persist in this volume as well, but the experience of life has taken away the stings of first love and the wounder of India that was. Hindus, he laments, are famous the world over for having a second sight, an intuitive inner vision that looks beyond the Maya and Leela of this transitory world. In the contemporary world India has become An Area of Darkness where even the first sight of materialism is blurred.

Keywords :A.K. Ramanaujanís poetry, first sight.