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Training as an Effective Tool for Performance Improvement: A Theoritical Review

N. U. K. Sherwani and Shazia Nabi

Professor, Department of Commerce and Business Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, INDIA. Research Scholar, Department of Commerce and Business Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, INDIA.


Employees are the most important and valuable assets of an organization. Training is one of the essential factor which considers the success of organization. In the developing countries like India it is most challenging task to train and develop its people. It is very important to keep the employees updated and one step ahead in order to survive in this competitive market. Training is adequately required for smooth functioning of work and maintain the quality of work life of employees as well as organizational development. Training helps the employees to enhance their performance. It helps to improve their physical skills. If we talk about employees at managerial level, it is more concerned with improvement of behavior, attitude, knowledge and value in addition to some specific skills and this is called the development of employees. So it is very important to analyze the need of training and its benefits for the employees and for the organization as well. Therefore training and development are the essential aspects which needs to be taken into consideration and also to be studied. This paper basically focuses on the importance of training and literature review of various articles and books have been analyzed which have proved that training is an essential tool for improving the performance of employees and simultaneously helps them to develop. This study also provides measures for the successful implementation of the training programs.

Keywords :Training, Performance, Human Resource Management, Development.