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1. Business Dimensions is published quarterly in the months of January, April, July and October every year.
2. Articles submitted to the Journal are accepted after the recommendation of the editorial board and on the understanding that they have not been and will not be published elsewhere. Moreover, pirated papersare are not entertained. For such papers the sole responsibility lies on author(s). Please send self corrected and final copy of the manuscript.
3. The authors are solicited to conform to the following points:

Manuscript should be 'spell-checked' and 'grammar-checked'.

Manuscripts ( including tables, figures and photographs ) typed in double space and single column in A4 size in two files, MSWord doc file and a Pdf file in font point size 12, Times New Roman, should be submitted online (

OR should be send by email. (email:

OR should be submitted typed in double space and single column in A4 size on one side of the paper with a CD of the manuscript (properly checked) in MSWord file in font point size 12, Times New Roman.

  b) Text should ordinarily not exceed 6 to 25 typewritten pages with relevant figures / tables.
  c) Abstract of the paper in not more than 10 typed lines, should accompany the article.
  d) Tables should be self explanatory and provided with a title .
  e) Graphs should be clear and dark.
  f) Figures, illustrations should be brief and self explanatory .
  g) Photographs of machine / equipments should be supplied as positive prints.
  h) Heading : While submitting the manuscript the authors are requested to indicate the heading under which they wish to place their communication should be concise and limited to about 15 words.
  i) Corresponding author's name should be indicated with an asterisk sign (*) & complete postal address with PINCODE and phone or mobile number.

References should be written in chronological order in the text giving only the number of reference. The reference should be given in an alphabetical order of author's name(s) and must be numbered serially,.

References should be in the correct format for the journal and all references mentioned in the Reference list should be cited in the text, and vice versa.

The following are examples of proper form:


Journal/periodical articles
Cosset, J., & Suret, J. 1995. Political risk and benefits of international portfolio diversification. Journal of International Business Studies, 26(2): 301-318.
Financial Times.1996. Survey - Czech Republic:Message from the people.
December 6: 3.


Donahoe, J. D. 1989. The privatization decision. New York: Basic Books.


Harley, N. H. 1981. Radon risk models. In A. R. Knight & B. Harrad (Eds), Indoor air and human health, Proceedings of the Seventh Life Sciences Symposium, 29-31 October 1981, Knoxville, USA: 69-78. Amsterdam: Elsevier.


Chapters in edited books
Caves, R. E., & Mehra, S. K. 1986. Entry of foreign multinationals into the US manufacturing industries. In M. E. Porter (Ed.), Competition and global industries: 449-481. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.


Salk, J. E. 1992. Shared management joint ventures: Their developmental patterns, challenges and possibilities. Unpublished PhD Dissertation, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.


Online documents
The Investment Company Institute. 2004. Worldwide mutual fund assets and flows, third quarter 2003. Accessed 4 February 2004.


Online journal articles / advance online publication articles
Hutzschenreuter, T., & Voll, J. C. 2007. Performance effects of "added cultural distance" in the path of international expansion: The case of German multinational enterprises. Journal of International Business Studies, advance online publication August 30. doi:10.1057/palgrave.jibs.8400312.


Printing & Publication charges :

Upto 1600 words(4 pages)=Rs.700/- for SAARC Countries=US $40 and Rest World=US $60.

Upto 3200 words(8 pages)=Rs.1400/- for SAARC Countries=US $80 and Rest World=US $120.

Upto 4800 words(12 pages)=Rs.2100/- for SAARC Countries=US $120 and Rest World=US $180.

Other Charges Rs 100/- for SAARC Countries= US $20 and Rest World = US $30.

(for mailing and packaging of reprints and copy of journal)

Annual subscription of the journal : Rs. 1000/- (US $360)


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